Tips to Reduce Back Pain while Travelling

Tip to Reduce Back Pain While Travelling

A lady walked into my office, complaining of tiring legs and bad back that got worse after she embarked on a

trip in a car, sitting in a particular position throughout the journey with no opportunity to stretch.

Travelling for a holiday with back pain

If you are planning to travel either by Road, Sea or Air one thing you should consider is appropriate Sitting

position, a bottle of water and a good time to stand and stretch or even sit and stretch repeatedly.

Majority of people who are in the habit of sitting, or being confined to a particular position for a long period

often come down with tired, cramp numb legs and aching back, and if you are in the category of people who

nod so well or sleep throughout the journey time without appropriate neck support or cushion, then you might as well add neck ache to the list of your troubles.

Tips to Ease Back Pain while travelling

It is not appropriate to sit for a long period during travelling either by road, sea or air. Passengers should form

the healthy habit of incorporating gentle stretches while sitting or standing every 45 minutes, it is

recommended that you either actively rolls your legs, stretch your arms while sitting or consider getting down

from the car at stop over points to stretch, for airborne clients its much easier because you have the ability to

walk around or use the toilets but sure to communicate with the air hostess

Frequent stretches aid circulations and prevents cramps, if we sit for a prolong period, some of the chairs

might be too weak to support our body weight and starts to create uneven pressure from the depression our

body makes on such seats, siting for too long creates aches and tightness to our back

It is also recommended to stretch when you get to your destination, and while carrying your luggage ensure

evenly distribution of the weight of the travelling back for some of us who are in the habit of carrying heavy bags on one shoulder

Drinking water can also help,

water has been validated to help keep us hydrated, this helps to keep the muscles and joints well lubricated so

as to reduce frictions and pressure on each other, taking a minimum of eight glass of water every day will go a long way to helping us ease frequent and annoying back pain

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Every week people consult Dr Eze Nnamdi looking for answers to concerning questions about their pain and most commonly relief from their Back Pain and tightness. He treats patents daily in his clinic and he is a trusted advisor, mentor and business coach. Eze Nnamdi is the Clinic Director at Amazing Physiotherapy and Wellness center a multi therapist clinic in 2 locations with a clinical Doctorate in Physical therapy, he is licensed as a physiotherapist with Medical Rehabilitation and Therapist board of Nigeria, he graduated with a bachelors in Medical Rehabilitation from University of Nigeria Nsukka, and a Doctorate in Physical therapy from National University of Medical sciences Spain DPT program, a participating member of Pediatric specialty group of NSP, he advanced his post-graduate studies with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Bayero University Kano Nigeria, he also received advanced Dry Needling and Medical Acupuncture certification from Bayero University consultancy services Kano- Nigeria.

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