Why Travel Outside Nigeria for Back Pain

The latest now is people seeking back pain treatment and physiotherapy outside Nigeria.

Mr. John was one of my very best clients, a man with goals, desire and drive for what he believes is right I learnt this from him “Nigerians deserve the best”.

 Prior to our intervention, john has been suffering with low back pain in the last 7 years, the type with pin and needle sensation and cramps in the back of his thigh.

 He learnt about us while surfing the internet on the best solution for his leg pain in Abuja, obviously he doesn’t know that it was the radiating symptoms of chronic low back pain he now feels running down the back of his legs, pain prevents him from walking more than ½ miles.

His symptoms has relegated him to only sitting down and a state of inactivity that he sometimes can barely dress himself up without assistance, he is known by friend and colleagues as a frequent hospital visitor in a bid to get something to ameliorate his symptoms.

He has lost out in the perking order of who will be called up for foreign trips and this has left  practically broke because he now depends only on his monthly salary and no more extra honorarium or Estacode that might come from foreign trips or travel allowance as a result of his condition.

One a good Tuesday morning, we received a call from a prospective client that he needs to visit us; of course we obliged him with a free consultation and discovery visit.

He started his story with “ I have done everything” , he narrated his ordeal when traveled outside Nigeria in a bid to get his back pain issues sorted out and the pressure for surgical intervention which he declined and has spent the last 7 years on painkillers and injections.

We got his attention because we said we can help people remain active, independent and mobile without the need to rely on painkillers and which he taught was impossible for him but decided to give us a try. But a detailed examination proved that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

He was booked for a couple of sessions Physiotherapy and manual therapy  with lifestyle modification at Amazing Physiotherapy and has started an excellent recovery in what I described as one of the best in the last few years of all typical back related problems we have encountered.

 John has almost regained all he lost in the past 7 years and had returned to work with so much energy.

The key issue is medical tourism is a problem that is not only expensive for clients but erodes the fabric of our health service system and further depleting the nation of medical facilities and expertise.

We can help you become more active, healthy and quickly recover from your pain, so that you can avoid the need to spend the rest of your life on painkillers or ever do a surgery except it is inevitable or even travel for a simple problem like back pain. Surely one day we will all get it right

If you need more tips on how to solve your back troubles, download our free e-book and get started on your journey to excellent recovery.

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Every week people consult Dr Eze Nnamdi looking for answers to concerning questions about their pain and most commonly relief from their Back Pain and tightness. He treats patents daily in his clinic and he is a trusted advisor, mentor and business coach. Eze Nnamdi is the Clinic Director at Amazing Physiotherapy and Wellness center a multi therapist clinic in 2 locations with a clinical Doctorate in Physical therapy, he is licensed as a physiotherapist with Medical Rehabilitation and Therapist board of Nigeria, he graduated with a bachelors in Medical Rehabilitation from University of Nigeria Nsukka, and a Doctorate in Physical therapy from National University of Medical sciences Spain DPT program, a participating member of Pediatric specialty group of NSP, he advanced his post-graduate studies with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Bayero University Kano Nigeria, he also received advanced Dry Needling and Medical Acupuncture certification from Bayero University consultancy services Kano- Nigeria.

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