How to Treat Back Pain in Children: My daughters Story

A 13 years old girl started complaining of severe back pain of which was initially thought will ease off with a massage or better still disappear after getting a prescription of Painkillers from the Pharmacy. It’s now three weeks and the back pain has persisted, she can’t get a good sleep anymore because of the excruciating pain she feel in her lower back.

Back pain in children is a real issue and should not be ignored and expect it to disappear just because other aches and pain they sustain while playing usually does.

This is EMA’S Mom who was able to go book appointment she finally went to see a primary care doctor. He ordered an X-ray and made a diagnosis of a curvature in the spine in what he described as “Idiopathic Scoliosis” He gave us the much needed advice and made prescription of what looks like a painkiller.

EMA had remain in so much pain after we left that she couldn’t sleep that night and now she has more pain than It started with.  We got the impression that she will continue to rely on medications. As a curious mother I went online seeking information on how to help my baby, everything I see online seemed scarier than the diagnosis, lots of pictures of how complicated the case is. I was very worried because I didn’t want this pain and regular absence from school to disturb my daughters education, if I allow her to continue to take pain medications, she might go down with drug addiction or possible a kidney disease or stomach ulcer.

The worst of it all is that my daughter has started bending to one side what if she becomes deformed because of the way she walks and certainly we don’t want surgery. There should be a way to help manage her pains and help her live a well and active life.

Amazing Physiotherapy’s Answer:

Scoliosis subtly put is a slight bending from the normal S- curve peculiar to every human being, it could be a shift to the right or to the left, in most cases there are no established causes and the term “idiopathic” (there is no known Cause)is usually used to describe it.

Interestingly many might have this Bent spine but may not have pain and live their active and normal life.

THERE’S A LOT to comment on here. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and I hear this type of story all the time.

When it comes down to it, your best likelihood of having the correct diagnosis and plan of action comes from someone who has the

TIME to listen,

The commitment to understanding what symptoms you are experiencing, and what makes the pain better or worse. This, along with a thorough head to toe assessment, will gather the appropriate items to correctly diagnosis the ROOT CAUSE of the pain.

Another thing you can do to help in this situation is picking the Right Bag pack.

Did you know that a child’s backpack should weigh no more than 10 percent of their body weight? Minimize the risk of shoulder, neck and back pain with the information available on how to select and wear a back pack.

Our experts can make the transition easier by providing tips that can help kids prevent shoulder, Back and Neck pain. In addition to helping with posture, our team can address lingering aches and pains that may occur from returning back to school.

Use a Hot or Cold pack.

If the back pain does flare up, one of the fastest ways to get relief is applying a Hot pack or alternating ice and heat. Materials such as ice and hot packs are usually easily accessible and affordable. For example, you can fill any type of plastic bag with ice and apply to the painful area – such as placing a small bag of ice between your low back and the seatback while you’re lying down or sitting.

If you want to get to the root cause of your pain, download our free E book on the Most Burning questions to ask so you don’t continue to rely on pain medications injections or surgery.

Use of Braces

Braces are good, and help to hold the spine in position and this will prevent further deterioration and bending. For the best advice on the braces to use

if You want to get to the root cause of your Back pain Fast, we have put together 7 must Ask questions to resolve a nagging back pain, so you don’t have to rely on painkillers or injections.

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Every week people consult Dr Eze Nnamdi looking for answers to concerning questions about their pain and most commonly relief from their Back Pain and tightness. He treats patents daily in his clinic and he is a trusted advisor, mentor and business coach. Eze Nnamdi is the Clinic Director at Amazing Physiotherapy and Wellness center a multi therapist clinic in 2 locations with a clinical Doctorate in Physical therapy, he is licensed as a physiotherapist with Medical Rehabilitation and Therapist board of Nigeria, he graduated with a bachelors in Medical Rehabilitation from University of Nigeria Nsukka, and a Doctorate in Physical therapy from National University of Medical sciences Spain DPT program, a participating member of Pediatric specialty group of NSP, he advanced his post-graduate studies with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Bayero University Kano Nigeria, he also received advanced Dry Needling and Medical Acupuncture certification from Bayero University consultancy services Kano- Nigeria.

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