High heel shoes and cause of foot pain

When it comes to wearing high heel shoes there are basically no reason beyond corporate appearance and how stylish a female or male will look on them.

I try as much as possible to avoid losing friend so do not like to condemn the idea of ladies wearing heels even though there is a link with development of foot problems like HALLUX VALGUS , KNEE PAIN AND LOWER BACK PAIN.

 It is also worthy to note that there are different sizes of heel shoes some with small heels,  moderate heels  and high heels or I inch, 2 inches or 3 inches and above

Apart from the challenge of maintaining stability while walking which can lead to fall and ankle problem, the complaint of foot and knee related problem is on the rise among young female and males, which has prompted the need for an assessment on the relationship with what foot wears we use.

Digging deep on the high heel shoes and the effect it has on our body has been a subject of debate for decades and lots of reasons to support or refute such claims are also available.

’’ In an interview with a CEO of high heels shoes company on what he feels about the argument that his product might be of a public health concern” his response  was succinct and he replied that if you are  not comfortable with them, do not wear them.

 Basically, looking at the relationship and alignment expected between our hip, knee, ankle and foot, what can be the impact of foot wear on them?

The popularity of huge heels continues to soar in the market and some customers also boosting that it looks awkward when not on them

It also creates the illusion of good legs and psycho sexual impression and dominance. The increase in the heel height create a lot of changes in the structures and form of our lady there by reducing the way our ankle will move due to improper weight distribution and increase in pressure on the toe and more so, the struggle to maintain balance.

It was found in a research that there is excessive pressures place on the calf, hip and back due to the abnormal stance under taken by the body

The pelvic tilts anteriorly, the Lordotic curve of the lumber spine increases, the ankle and knee are thrust forward to compensate for the overall loss in balance and stability in high heeled shoes.

These adjustments raise the center of gravity and shift the weight forward because there is no support at the heel. in an effort to compensate for this changes, the upper back and shoulder will try to push the body a little backward to counter the effect of high center of gravity and low back of support by pushing towards the heel but with little support and success.

Symptoms from high heel shoes.

Beyond reasonable doubts, It has been established that there is a relationship between high heeled shoes and increased chance of sprain on the muscles and ligament in the legs, fracture due to fall, toe problem and musculoskeletal pain, what options do we have?

The development of hammer toes, Metatarsalgia, knee pain and osteoarthritis. While it is unclear whether high heel shoes may or may not cause back pain, it is common for high heels to exacerbate an already present spinal condition. … This pain in the back may also result from foot or leg fatigue that results from wearing these shoes and this can affect whole body mechanics. Frequent use of high heel shoes due to the narrow toe box which continually puts pressure on the forefoot and cause some structural changes that in the long term will cause pain and foot problems.

How to treat heel pain from high heel shoes

·       For those who want to continually wear the high heeled shoes, it would also be helpful to alternate between different shoes type during day to lessen some of the stress placed on the limbs.

·       Seeing our physiotherapist who is expert in foot and ankle problems, so they could prescribe an orthotics to avoid exacerbation of symptoms upon wearing high heels.

·       At Amazing physiotherapy a thorough gait or walking analysis will be performed on individual who frequently wear high heels to Identify postural discrepancies so that early intervention can be initiated to subvert the worsening of symptoms.

·       We can help identify the root cause of your problem and provide you solution and routine for a better outcome.



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