The Prosthetic and Orthotics Care

Amazing Physiotherapy and Wellness Center is a leading provider of outpatient orthotics and prosthetic services. Our clinicians are experienced at finding unique solutions to meet your goals. We provide the highest quality of care and custom designed prosthetic and orthotics. (APWC) is ready to be your partner to get you back to living a fulfilling, functional lifestyle. Getting a prosthesis is a life changing event. No matter what circumstances have brought you here, we can help. Our clinicians and technicians are top in their field with access to state-of-the-art technologies. We want you to be comfortable and confident, and as independent and active as you can be. The foundation to our prosthetic design application for upper and lower extremities is a properly fitting socket. Socket fit has the biggest impact on success in rehabilitation. Let’s start exploring what we can do for you.

You may have recently been prescribed an orthotic by your physician. Our clinicians will fit you for the appropriate orthoses and educate you on the proper use and care of your orthosis.