Ally Dutt

Dr Charles is a professional who has a very comforting persona. He exercises due care, considerable effort and proper techniques for a healing process. His treatment helped me to move on towards more rigorous exercise regime. I wish him the...Read More

Mrs Regina Anyika

My mums arthritic pains brought me to amazing physiotherapy, Abuja. I choose the clinic because of its STANDARD and staff attention to patients. My mum is actually getting results from her physiotherapy sessions here, I am happy because the pains...Read More

Mr Abhey  Desai

i  had a shoulder pain for almost a year, which had constantly been a big headache for me, it prevents me from the active sports of weight lifting which I enjoy, it is quite difficult to sleep on the affected...Read More

Mrs Mary Oguntoye

I was recommended Amazing Physiotherapy by a friend of who had used them, my Mom had an accident 2 years ago while travelling to Zaria, since then she has complained back ache and Hip pain, we were sent to see...Read More

Mr Ajuzie Princewill

I have been to a lot places Just to find a suitable treatment for my neck pain that has lasted for 3 years, I was told to travel to India 2 years ago when my Dr Friend  said I can...Read More

Dr Nma Ogozy

Its almost 10 years I have been battling with Bad Back and headaches, my Son recommended we see a Physiotherapist which Amazing Physiotherapy was a good option at first I thought my back will never be cure from pain because ...Read More

Mrs Elizabeth Imaseun

 I was battling with severe Neck pain of more than 2 years, I normally have constant headaches and difficulty with sleeping, ivisted various medical Doctors,Had a CT scan, MRI and several investigations with lots pain medications, I had also tried...Read More

Mr Innocent Offia

Woke up one morning with severe Back Ache, Sharp and uncomfortable sensation running down my legs , I was recommeded to see DR Nnamdi of Amazing Physiotherapy in Garki 2, I didn’t have a choice because I was in severe...Read More

Mrs Lydia Ayuba

My mom has been complaining of neck and shoulder pain, I had to bring her to Amazing Physiotherapy because I and my friend came to with Dr Nnamdi who helped my friend ease her neck pain, his approach to patients...Read More