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We’re looking for a Full time Marketing and Growth Coordinator to help us grow our brand and also find new clients for our rapidly growing clinic

We’re looking for someone who has a previous track record of growing a brand, develop a marketing plan and drive strategy online as well as offline.

We are looking for someone who understands digital (specifically Facebook & Instagram) and social media marketing. You must be a competent writer/blogger, and equally as passionate about email marketing and be able to assist with our online programs and seminar marketing and workshops

This is an awesome opportunity for someone who:

• LOVES MARKETING and wants to broaden your experience and skills.

• Want to work in a fast-paced, NO-DRAMA environment where office politics, backstabbing, gossip and negativity are NOT tolerated.

• Wants to work at a company where they can LEARN about all aspects of marketing, including online and offline campaigns, Customer Relationship Management and customer service implementation, list building, social media marketing, print production and more.

• Is extremely detail-oriented and appreciates people who take an organized, systematic approach to achieving success.

• Likes the idea of working for a smaller (but growing) company where their ideas and contributions directly impact the company’s success, direction and growth.

• Is a quick, self-motivated learner who wants to work for a company that will invest in their education.

• Wants a position that will offer upward earning and career advancement; we want people who are interested in growth, learning and becoming part of our team long-term.

Skills Required:

• Deep understanding of the company’s target market, USP and products.

• Be able to hold meaningful conversations with prospective patients on the phone for longer than 20minutes

• Be able to answer all questions asked on the phone in such a way that increases the likelihood that the person asking will want to become a customer (insightful and knowledge)

• Deep understanding of direct response marketing.

• Excellent organizational, time management and problem-solving skills.

• Ability to write effective marketing copy (basic sales copywriting).

• Excellent attention to detail.

• Advanced skills with Word, Outlook, Publisher and Excel. Candidate must be able to work with database files and Excel spreadsheets containing data.

• Ability to produce reports for various marketing initiatives.

• Ability to properly format marketing communications, e-mails and sales letters.

• Ability to create a schedule and follow it.

• Ability to work under deadlines and on schedule.

• Ability to plan work so that it is completed on time.

Specifically you will be responsible for:

• Lead generation and patient acquisition using Facebook and Instagram

• Newsletters – working with other colleagues in the office and our designers to ensure that all our printable contents are ready on time

• Using our CRM (email marketing software) to develop automated email marketing funnels and webinars

• Being able to upload contents on our website and also working with our web designer to ensure that our website is up to date

• Managing our social media handle and also collaborating with other colleagues to ensure that key resources and content are created and put out on time

• Write emails and blogs to our in house list

• Be able to coordinate making videos and uploading online

• Receive calls from clients and also ensure that clients get booked for their appointment

• Create and implement a successful social media calendar (including written and video content)

• Provide weekly marketing reports to the clinic and ensure that they are well executed

Be able to acquire not less than 5new clients or leads per week from our marketing platform e.g. Facebook, physician, google, newsletter, newspaper, social media, events, workshop, promotion, networking.

• Convert 90% of the new leads / clients to visit for assessment and evaluation and ultimately become patients

This is a fabulous opportunity for anyone who loves marketing and wants to work for a clinic full of people with energy and motivation to cause a change in our industry.

If you’re currently stuck in a job with little or no prospects, or you feel like you’re skills outweigh the recognition you’re getting in your current role, lets talk!

If you’re looking for a place to call “home” that you can see yourself working for the next 5-10 years, and want to be part of a company that is growing quickly that will present you with opportunities to learn, to grow as a person then this is perfect for you.

Salary 55k-60k per month

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