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About Us

At AMAZING physiotherapy and wellness center we love to:

  • KEEP YOU active – so that you can always go to work, sit and stand if you want, engage in sports, take your kids out during the weekends, perform your moral obligations without pain having to come in between.
  • HELP YOU Stay free from painkillers – so that you are not always running to the pharmacy to buy pain relief drugs or reaching in the drawer for pain relief medication these pain Relief Medications are not Good for your health and the only relieve your pain for a while and pain comes back in few hours and cause long term side effects that may be too expensive to cure or worst off all incurable 
  • HELP YOU AVOID DANGEROUS SURGERY – treating the root cause of your pain is one way to help solve the underlying problems you are facing there no waiting to see any surgeon who might want to use complex surgeries to treat your pain
  • FIND OUT WHAT’S WRONG – We at Amazing physios in any of our locations will do an extensive review and evaluation, giving a clear explanation and of what is wrong which will give you peace of mind and ensure that your problem is solved and quickly refer you to another specialist when its out of scope of our practice and we will provide you with some home exercises that will speed up your recovery

What People Like You Are Saying About Amazing Physiotherapy Clinic…

I had a shoulder pain for almost a year, which had constantly been a big headache for me, it prevents me from the active sports of weight lifting which I enjoy, it is quite difficult to sleep on the affected shoulder, a friend recommended Amazing Physiotherapy to me and indeed this team of professionals are Amazing, I got treated by Dr Nnamdi who also showed me how to move and use my shoulders while working out, he also treated my thumb pain it was a pleasant experience for me I highly recommend this clinic for anyone who has pain
Abhey Desai
Its almost 10 years I have been battling with Bad Back and headaches, my Son recommended we see a Physiotherapist which Amazing Physiotherapy was a good option at first I thought my back will never be cure from pain because I was almost used to taking pain reliever pills, I almost opted for surgery because of the severity of the symptoms, I started getting results from the third visit as I was still very sore when we started treated, his treatment approach was quite different from what I used to have, he spends his one full hour Hand on only on the painfull area, my main concern was losing my mobility as I age, but right now I workout almost everyday by 5pm routine Brisk walking, I have my confidence back . I highly recommend Amazing Physiotherapy
Dr Nma Ogozy
As a Banker I was battling with severe Neck pain of more than 2 years, I normally have constant headaches and difficulty with sleeping, ivisted various medical Doctors,Had a CT scan, MRI and several investigations with lots pain medications, I had also tried the Hospital Physiotherapy, I got worse. I found out about Amazing Physiotherapy from a colleague who has used them, it was a God sent intervention, I couldn’t believe it that with only 3 visits my agelong Neck pain was better, I almost don’t feel the same discomfort as I normally will do previously
Elizabeth Imaseun

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