AzimHealthcare is a medical brand in Nigeria specialized in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The first rehabilitation center of the existing network was established in Gwarimpa Abuja. Today, we are the fastest growing outpatient and inpatient clinic with the largest network of physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in the Nigeria. All our clinics of the network are equipped with the latest technology. Our rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists use modern methods and complex approach, which allows restoring patients even after very serious injuries and diseases.

Azimhealthcare provide Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to a number of Abuja Hospitals and clinics such as the likes of Nisa Premier Hospital, Childcare and wellness clinic, as well as to health resorts and hotels. The inpatient Rehabilitation centers specializes in Spinal, Neurological, cardiac and post-traumatic cases and especially someone who is recovering from major Orthopedic Surgeries, Spine (Back and Neck Surgeries, Brain Surgeries or spinal cord injury either in Nigeria or Abroad.

What to Expect

We are here for you, and our focus is to provide you with the appropriate level of care to help you reach your maximum potential. We offer a minimum of three hours of therapy at least five days each week.

Here is what you can expect on a typical day at our hospital:


Your nurse will start your day with treatments and medication as needed. Nursing or therapy staff will assist you as needed with bathing, dressing, and toileting. Breakfast is served in the dining room. Your meal will consist of your choices from the menu that follow the recommendation from your doctor and dietician. You will have therapy scheduled throughout the day. Your therapy schedule will be displayed in your room each evening for the following day.


Lunch is served in the dining room consisting of your choices from the menu that follow recommendations from your doctor and dietitian. Your nurse will administer any treatments and medications as needed. Your therapy sessions will continue into the afternoon. Your schedule can be modified as necessary to include breaks. Your nurse will continue to check on you throughout the day.


Dinner is served in the dining room. Snacks will be available as needed later in the evening. The evening is a good time for family and friends to visit and for you to rest and prepare for the next day of therapy. Your nursing staff will assist you with bathing, changing into night-time attire and getting ready for bed