Patient Wellness is Our Primary Concern

Whether we do take insurance or not what is most important is that you get the outcome you are looking for.

Here at amazing physiotherapy, what makes us different is that we help people recover their great health with or without working with their insurance and either way we will make it easy for you to get reimbursed from your insurance once we solve your problems.

To help you decide that we are they right people to help you, do you mind telling us a little about what is going wrong and what you are worried about and once we have listened carefully to your story we will explain to you what care with us might look like and how it works

We understand payment is always a concern, and often a challenge. That’s why we have a dedicated billing and insurance verification staff. And they are always on-site to address any questions, comments and concerns.

Please feel free to call us on 09072274415 and we will help you gain a clearer understanding of your insurance coverage and claim procedures.