No more navigating busy city streets to receive the care and treatment you need, or discontinuing treatment because you cannot come to our clinic The mobile Physiotherapy services delivers the best physiotherapists in the City straight to your hotel, home, or office door.

Who Can Benefit

SPEAR offers the convenience of an on-location physical therapy appointment for:

Old people and elderly who cannot move around due to the pandemic (COVID-19) restricting exposure to the very vulnerable population who are high risk

Children with special needs or with developmental impairment and their mothers are not always around to bring them to the clinic due to stress at work

People who prefer to be treated in the privacy and comfort of their own homes or offices

Professionals with high-demand jobs who can’t afford to leave the office for PT treatment

How Does our home treatment Work?

Simply call 09062274415 to book your appointment and you’ll be treated by the very same therapists we use in our facilities

How do You Pay for it

You can pay for this convenient, concierge-style service by cash or you make a transfer to our 1016709358 Zenith Bank Amazing Physiotherapy or through our payment gate way