Real Time Ultrasound

Real time ultrasound (RTUS) or sonography works by transmitting sound waves through the body. Those sound waves are then reflected off the internal body organs and the machine is able to create an image of the different muscles and organs of the body.

Physiotherapists at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy have embraced ultrasound imaging in response to recent research which reveals that the primary impairment of the muscular system in individuals with low back pain is not one of strength or functional capacity but rather one of motor control of the deep muscles of the abdomen, lower back and pelvic floor. These muscles work together to help form a cylinder of stability around your trunk, just like a corset. If these core muscles are working correctly they will provide support for your spine, pelvis and lower limbs to function. However, an injury or trauma can damage this system and cause weakness or inhibition in these muscles. Unfortunately, these important muscles do not return to normal if no specific retraining is conducted leading to chronic or recurrent injuries. RTUS helps eliminate the guesswork in dynamic core stability training, meaning we fix your problem faster with less chance of re-occurrence.