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60’s, many of them fear that knee problems could bring an end to their active lifestyles. But that doesn’t have to be. It has become a common language, that whenever we feel pain on the knee we say it’s “ARTHRITIS” and we are getting old, and soon walking will be with the aid of a stick or walker. This feeling of moving from independence to depending on support to move around is what most people don’t want to spend a second thinking of, and it’s sadly so. I try to let many people who have knee pain know that not all knee pain is “ARTHRITIS” or any peculiar knee disease. We develop knee pain commonly because of lifestyle changes. Let me explain….

Do you know that the way you sit can be an incubator for a knee pain in the future?

Though the concept of sitting properly and workplace ergonomic cannot be overemphasized, but most people don’t realize it and we hear people sit down fixed working on the computer or desk from 9 am to 5 pm every day not realizing that the human body was made to be functional and moving all the time. The way we fold our knee while sitting can put significant pressure on the ligament and tissues around the joint, such stress could accumulate to a knee pain.

We have on numerous occasions, advised people not to squeeze their legs under the desk or stretch them for too

long, and regularly try to walk around every 45 minutes to help ease an already developing tension around the knee.

Heavy Physical Activity Can Cause Knee Strain and Sprain:

The common reasons for knee complaint in youths may be due to sport related or exercise related muscle and joint injuries. Sometimes, pain can be immediate but most times delayed, so due to this high impact activity, the knee has constantly come under heavy use, and such task can put our knee to high risk of pain in the future. We advise to stretch the muscle around the knee if you want to engage in any high impact activity or sport.

The Choice of your Footwear can be Decisive in a Knee Problem.

It is not surprising to see people who struggle with a knee discomfort always with uncomfortable shoes, high heels, hard soles and tight shoes. You might be surprised how come a shoe in the foot will cause a strain on the knee, Well, this is 100% correct because, any shoe with an improper alignment, a very hard sole without the requisite cushion and unbalanced heel, can cause our Centre of gravity to shift either too forward or backward, such action, will put a lot of pressure on the knee and when repeatedly done, can put us the risk of developing a knee pain sooner or later. We always advice on wearing shoes with a good cushion and proper insoles, don’t wear tight shoes for too long even if it looks fashionable, you might want to wear high heel shoes, but we advise you don’t wear them all day, a friend of mine puts a flat sole in her bag to her office and once she get to work she takes the high heel off and puts on the flat shoes for the majority of the day. You might want to do the same.

Too Much Rest and Lack of Use:

Anytime we experience an ache and discomfort, to be honest, we are always tempted to rest. Rest is necessary for just a little while, but most times, we rest too longer than expected which will lead us to a concept that says “whatever you don’t use, you lose it” Lack of use leads to weaker muscles and a fertile ground for developing knee pain and stiffness. What you can do is to take advantage of the dynamism of the human body. Motion is lotion, the more movement we give to the body, the better ready it becomes, to help us alleviate pain. Don’t rest too much, reduce the frequency of the activity that puts pain on the joint and do more of the activity that doesn’t make it painful.

It May Be From Somewhere Else:

No wonder, knee pain even after surgery or continuous reliance on painkillers has continued in a lot of people. The reason is that the pain might be coming from somewhere else, maybe from their lower back or waistline, hip or even the ankle. The joints of the body are interconnected and all need the other to be efficient and coherent. There is a possibility that an ignored waist or back pain can lead to compensation that can lead to a knee pain complaint sooner or later. Remember, just as we say to one another to be his or her brother’s keeper, so also, is it applicable to the joints. Untreated ankle pain can affect the knee, a left knee pain can significantly lead to an undue amount of pressure on the right knee, leading further to both knee pains due to compensation. Attend to any injury, discomfort, pain anywhere in your body on time so it doesn’t affect other parts.

So it is very important to address the root cause of your problems, rather than relying on quick fixes like PAINKILLERS that won’t guarantee a long-term solution. Here we have it, knee problems are rarely just knee problems or arthritis. If you have a knee complaint, just ask for solution from one our knee pain specialist and get a full 30 MINUTES consultation for free, this will set you up for proper recovery. The fact is, knee problems are rarely just knee problems, and if you have chronic knee pain, it’s worth asking for Help! If you want more accessible information about knee pain, you can even request a free discovery session with us to see what will work for you, and how we can work together to create a customized plan of action for your individual needs. We’d love to hear from you.

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