We’re excited to announce the opening of our newest clinic in Gwarimpa – 2nd Avenue. We’re bringing a positive spirit back into helping people live an active life and avoid relying on painkillers, injections or surgery in Gwarimpa. This clinic marks our 5th Location in Abuja.

This clinic becomes a flagship symbol of optimism and hope for the ever vibrant, energetic and active residents of Gwarimpa as they do not need to travel several miles before assess care. Gwarimpa is known for its independence and we join other healthcare facilities to continue to provide the best care to its populace. 

Our office is easily accessible by the numerous public transportation making it a convenient location for its residents.

The new clinic team will be led by Dr Abiodun Adedotun and assisted by Dr Eze Nnamdi PT, DPT. Abiodun has experience not only leading his team members and running a branch, but also providing excellent care for his multitude of patients.

Abiodun is passionate about working with and helping patients get back to doing what they love. Our collective goal is to help patients find their own strength, mobility, and confidence through physiotherapy. We are excited and incredibly honored to be leading the start-up and growth of our new Gwarimpa location and also elated to play a role in helping Gwarimpa Residents improve their health and get back to life!”

At Amazing Physiotherapy, we are always looking for opportunities to grow and expand. “We are confident that our clinic will remain the go to place for Abuja residents seeking to get active, independent and mobile while avoiding the need to rely on painkillers injections or surgery. So we are investing in its success at this time.

Our mission to reach as many Nigerians as possible is rooted in a simple philosophy: more locations means more availability for appointments, more flexibility in our schedules, and more one-on-one attention for our patients.

We’re dedicated to keeping Nigerians healthy by providing the best physio and occupational therapy care.

Gwarimpa office is located Plot 1680, off 14 road/Hassan SUNMONU Street 2nd Avenue Gwarimpa, Abuja.

Please Click here to access the map.  

We are now accepting appointment requests! You can do so right here online at amazingphysioclinic.com or call us at 09045110509 to be among the first to enjoy our discounted services.