The structure of the knee is complex; hence, there are large numbers of parts that can be affected, leading to knee pain. The image below gives an overview of the components of the knee.

Knee pain description image

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From the above it can be seen that parts like tendons, ligaments, meniscus, cartilage, knee cap, the thigh bone or the sheen bone could be affected in some physical or medical ways and that can lead to discomfort or pain in this area.

Things that could have caused your knee pain

  • Trauma

This includes: sudden blows, accidents etc. that can cause strain to any of the knee parts or worse of all cause the breakage of knee bones.  This can also occur due to vigorous change of direction during movements or any other sudden impacts on the knee like during a fall. So if you have gone through any of these kinds experiences, guess what is the cause of your knee pain?

Yeah you guessed it. … It’s Trauma.

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  • Ignoring Warm up

Not warming up before or after a vigorous exercises or getting back to exercise too quickly is not a nice way of caring for your precious knee.

Most of us neglect warming up during and after exercises especially before exercises.  Possibly because the average adult is busy and may not have time to exercise during the weekdays so to make up or sooth the guilt of no exercise for the 5 days of the week we declare a weekend exercise resolution lol!

So, we over exercise in a short period of time and that without properly preparing or warning our knees of the intending impact or of the sudden way it has to agree with our “weekend resolutions”.

Unfortunately, this alone sustains the ability to shock the knee parts or lead to some unplanned sprains, tear or stress on the knee.

Another popular risk factor to knee pain is overweight and obesity. This is because it increases the weight the knee has to carry.

Imagine two people who are 5 inches tall with one weighing 60kg and the other 90kg, remember they are the same height and possible have the same length of sheen and thigh bone. Which of these poor knees do you expect to give up faster? Yeah, of course, the harder working knee that is caring an extra 30kg.

Overweight or being obese alone, can predispose the knee to pain during ordinary daily activities like walking and standing. In fact, the Journal of Radiology published in August 2017 discovered that weight loss slows down the rate of knee cartilage damage by a strong and significant amount.

  • Jobs that require heavy stress on the knee like bending for too long.

Constantly working and walking in uncomfortable or unusual position could lead to the misalignment of the cartilage in the knee. Again, lack of mobility or free movement can reduce the friction in-between the knee joints, which will in turn lead to stiffness and popping or the cracking sound you hear.

I am sure you may be worried that we are advising you to quit your job!

Worry not!

for while that might be a solution if you have previously planned to do so, taking walks constantly can ease the pain or reduce your risk of coming down with a knee pain.

  • Infection

Infections like cellulitis – a condition that results from the translation of normal skin surface bacterial to the deep skin leading to infections in the internal areas of the knee. To seek for solution, visit a general practitioner to get diagnosis.

Low sleep quality and depression has also been found to be connected to worsening Knee pain. Hence, deal with your anxiety and depression for that might just be the culprit aggravating your knee pain.

Things That Could Have Made Your Knee Pain Worse

  • Putting on weight too quickly
  • Rapidly gaining weight can worsen an already existing knee pain, reasons being same as explained above
  • Sedentary Life-style: fact is that the knee joint loves mobility. So when you are living an inactive life-style, you are directly annoying the knee joints.
  • So endeavor to get some appropriate exercises in, even while suffering from a knee pain.  Exercise that can help includes swimming, controlled cycling and gentle walks.
  • Again, while you may not be able to do rigorous exercises, gentle and controlled ones in some cases can rehabilitate knee.
  • Also, Exercises like running, lunges, squats and the likes that exact a direct downward force on the knee are strongly discouraged at this time. It is equally valuable to talk to your physiotherapist for exercise recommended for you.

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Symptoms of knee injury

  • Unexplainable and severe pain in the knee
  • Pain that increases during movement
  • Sudden Failure of the knee to support you while walking
  • Swelling in the knee
  • Hearing Popping sound
  • Stiffness of the knee
  • Having trouble bending the knee

Possible solutions to Knee Pain

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  • Eat adequate portions of vegetables and fruit.
  • Using prescribed Exercises to reduce stiffness and rehabilitate functions an movement
  • Healthy Weight loss: 5% of your body weight in 21 weeks is the recommendation amount
  • Stretching before and after every intense physical activity or exercise.
  • Quitting alcoholism and smoking.
  • Using a knee support. While this may not provide a lasting solution it contributes some values.
  • Pain relievers. This may includes variations of anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Taking Injections. Again, it does not always provide a long term solution.