Suffering with neck pain and struggling to sleep at night?

It can be really frustrating struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of neck pain or waking up to a neck pain.

For some of our patients, this can lead to headache, dizziness and/or tiredness, affecting your carrying out of the day’s activities at work or in the house, or stopping you from doing those activities you enjoy doing – from running around with your grand kids, to playing your favorite sport, attending those career growth seminars, driving your wife to work covering a long distance, following up with your gym goals, sitting on the dining table to read your favorite novel, and so on.

We understand how worrisome this can be, but not to worry. In this post, we would be highlighting some simple solutions you can employ to help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up ready to pull down a mountain without neck pain bothering you!

Consider a New Mattress

neck pain

Your choice of mattress matters. Having the correct type of mattress to sleep on can influence the quality of sleep you get even though you have neck pain.

Soft mattresses can be too soft and cause your body to sink into them resulting to poor sleep quality. Firm mattress on the other hand, can make you even more uncomfortable and cause your neck pain to worsen, which is far from what you want!

The ideal mattress choice for people with neck pain is a medium-firm mattress made with memory foam.

Memory foam is a great material that provides comfortable contouring support to your body throughout the night, encouraging a natural sleeping position with the correct spinal alignment.

NOTE: Changing your mattress may not provide an instant cure, but many people find that sleeping on a better mattress really does help relieve neck pain.

Consider a New Pillow

Your choice of pillow is important too to ensure you don’t make your neck pain worse; it is the foundation of where you lay for at least 8 hours of the day.

If your pillow is too hard, it will push against your neck, creating even more pain and preventing you from getting the quality sleep you need and if it is too soft, it won’t provide enough support to keep your neck in proper alignment during the night.


What’s more?

Are you still frustrated about that life-changing pain?

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