What is the Cause of my Back Pain 

Do you experience pain in the lower back or waist line region when you attempt to stand up from sitting? Does the pain get excruciating or eases off as you continue to walk around, does it prevent you from being as active as you will want to be?

I get asked this question from one of my clients name Mrs Adeyinka, she is worried about her mother who is gradually losing her independence, and has almost stopped moving because of her decade long back pain, she is enslaved to painkillers and has resorted to using a walker if she feels like standing up, she complains of her pain increasing while she walks and gets persistent cramps in her legs which makes her get tired and frustrated about working and she doesn’t want to stand up right either

What can I do————Mrs Adeyinka

How to Treat Back Pain in Elderly

Oftentimes, people with low back pain will experience discomfort when they stand up, take a look at two main groups of people: the Elderly and the middle aged and younger generation, they all experience this pain differently. If an elderly person stands up and attempts to straighten up their back, they will experience  an increase in pain with accompanying cramps on their legs and this pain doesn’t allow them walk as long as they want and also will leave them bending forward and makes them susceptibility to tripping and falling, this might be as a result of spinal stenosis a disc degenerative change that leaves almost little or no gap along the vertebrae, so, when they walk bent it creates a little approximation that leaves room for little irritation in the back thereby having no cramps any moment they attempt to straighten up the cause more compression that increases their pain and cramp in their legs. 

How to treat Back Pain in Young Age

But in the younger adult, this pain might be as a result of simple sprain and strain or at worse a disc herniation that’s often aggravated by their poor posture at work, this discomfort might ease off as they continue to walk around.

Treatment for Back Pain

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