I woke up 2 days ago with an intense pain, and inability to move my neck. It felt very disturbing that even to turn around or look at someone beside me seemed undoable, the worst of it all was even coughing and laughing, it seemed like being hit with a hammer on the head. I was virtually on a neck support for 1 week.

The next day I noticed heaviness with some sort of painful sensation running down my shoulders and finger which made lifting my shoulders difficult. I feel very terrified right now and it feels like hell. (Have you been to hell Nnamdi!) 

These are some of the frequent complaints we get at our office. My Neck hurts, I feel terrible headaches and can’t turn or look up without encountering a sharp pain in the neck and so on and so forth. 

Most times neck pain can happen in several ways example is getting hit from the back of your car in what we call the whiplash injury but one of the frequent causes is our habit. I don’t mean habit of smoking, drinking or whatever you might think, but our smart phone use and poor sleeping positions

Have you heard of the word “Pain in the neck “when someone calls you pain in the neck that means you are the worst thing imaginable……..Lol

I usually did not appreciate when people tell me their neck hurts so badly until I experience neck pain myself. 

So this is a first class and unadulterated information so far, it still tops the worst discomfort I had to contend with for 3 days. I couldn’t sit and turn, everything seems to be increasing the pain. I tried everything from hot water, ice, massage, and even painkillers but it will subside a little and get back to status quo after the drugs wares out…my colleagues had to help me

It will interest you to note that proper sleeping position and pillow use is usually advocated in events like this but when not properly used could lead to a nightmare.

So, it suffices to say that our night time routine of sleeping with or without pillow or sometimes more than one pillow can be the cause of the unceasing neck pain 

What we don’t realize as human beings is that our body, muscles, joints are supposed to take a certain amount of load and nothing more. 

Let me explain!!

If you sleep in a position that makes you place pillows to directly support your head alone without a proper support to the neck; the head will appear propped up and exerting unnecessary amount of pressure on the neck, that will cause the muscles around the neck and shoulders to compensate because of the wrong positions and such actions will lead them into tension and further spasm. That kind of behaviors will cause some pain the next day

Our smartphone use while bed can be notorious for causing neck pain too

abscessed phone user

The advent of technology and innovation of smartphones with the ability to perform almost every job in a handheld device has not only helped us do more with less but also of negative impact on our health

Some people are in the habit of using their smartphone to check emails, chats and watch videos and pictures of friends and loved ones at night in an uncomfortable lying position and once again our neck muscles are called to do some unwanted task and an extra load.

So imagine putting the neck in all these uncomfortable positions of reading and watching and then you also lay on bed without proper support to the neck with improper pillow placement, am sure it’s going to be a hard nut to crack the next morning.

Amazing Physiotherapy

So there you have it! Now you know what comes close to a potential of terrible neck pain, lets try and avoid these two unwanted activities

  1. Avoid using multiple pillows to sleep-imbibe the habit of using just one pillow and make sure it properly supports the neck and not just the head at night. If you want to know the exert pillow positions to use visit www.amazingphysioclinic.com/blog or visit our nearest location and request to be seen by one of our specialist
  2. Reduce your reading time while lying on bed or the use of smartphones to check emails or check Social media feeds.
  3. Don’t sit in one place for more than 45mins
  4. Model an active lifestyle, don’t always binge watching television programs, get to live an active life. Take up simple task like walking, then jog, garden, walk around with pets

We can help you remain active, independent and mobile while avoiding the need to rely on pain medication, injections or surgery so contact us Now!!!

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