Clients always tell me that they are worried about waist or back pain. They wake up in the morning with a waist pain or a back pain.

During the day back pain doesn’t allow them to sit or stand the way they want and it’s very uncomfortable throughout the day. They cannot play around with the kids anymore for the fear of back pain, they have stopped going for outing because this ache might disappoint.

They will think that it would get better because it usually does, but this time it’s interfering with their life and they don’t seem to understand it anymore; their neighbor who also had back pain at some point is now pain free and exercising. WHAT DID THEY DO Differently? 

There is a popular saying “if you have Back pain, you are not alone and the rate at which your pain reduces depends on how active you are in getting the right type of treatment for your pain”

It is very possible that two people may have back ache and will experience it differently back pain is not just a physical sensation, it is influenced by attitude and social factor

Back pain is usually not as bad as we think, and most times we are often scared to death by the type of diagnosis we get as the cause of our back aches “imagine if they said it cannot be cured because the MRI or X ray said so” then will I stay with this nagging and annoying pain for the rest of my life?

Most times it is usually caused by minor wear and tear, over use, age, stress, poor posture and muscle sprain and strain injury.

It might unfortunately be as a result of some rare and serious pathology.


These are usually recommended

Rest -Not Bed Rest.  

When we say rest we are only saying to cut down on your peak activity level pre injury or without pain and bed rest is not advised, most people who get bed rest from their pain will always remain worse off.

Avoid prolonged sitting, bending, or anything that can aggravate the pain

Exercise can help.

Exercise must not be moving your body in top gears like engaging in vigorous exercises just yet, it is necessary we move our body mindfully and also engage in some simple and gentle stretches 

Proper Posture

Posture is generally how you carry your body in space, either in motion or at rest.

It is either sitting, standing, or lying down. Good posture is necessary if you want to maintain a pain free life.

It is usually advised that you can modify your sleeping position to avoid cramping and aches, changing your mattress every 5 years is a good idea . Click here  to learn more about posture.

Over Reliance on Painkillers.

Pain killers will only reduce your pain momentarily, they don’t address the root cause of the problem, it is usually advised to seek necessary assistance and get the right kind of treatment to avoid risk and side effects of over reliance on Painkillers

If your pain persists, you might, well, check in with me at Amazing Physiotherapy 

We help people of all ages remain active, independent and mobile, so they can avoid the need to continuously take pain medications, injections or risk spinal surgery.

If you need additional tips,

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