The 3 Things You Do Daily That Cause you, Neck Pain – Here’s what you can do to get rid of the pain.

Can we play a fun game where I get to ask you few relatable questions that might help you live with less neck pain?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to at least one of these question, please read on!

Do you sleep on your stomach  when you go to bed at nights? Or perhaps you enjoy sleeping with more than one pillow in a twisted position?

Do you find yourself looking up to the Tv screen whilst watching it during your leisure time, because its hung high up on the wall?

Do you continually carry your bag / briefcase on one shoulder / hand when you are about your daily activities?

Its 98% possible that you have answered “Yes” to at least one of the above questions.

Nevertheless, I might be wrong, your bag might not necessarily be heavy, and you might have slept with just one pillow or TV is not hung upon the wall. However, the reason I guessed you’d have answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions is because from experience, we’ve had a very high percentage of patients who walked into our clinic with problem of neck pain has answered yes to at least one of these questions.

It’s therefore safe to say that as a Physiotherapist, one of the most regular injuries patients complain about is ‘neck pain’.

We call it trivial but we are about to see that it’s the normal things that we do daily that cause it.

Now let’s see these 3 most common everyday mistakes, patients that end up with neck pain make…

  1. Your Sleeping Posture can cause neck pain

The way you sleep is one daily habit that brings you, neck pain. You apply more pressure on your muscles and spine, when you sleep with your head laid up on more than one pillow. This act makes your neck and back not to be nicely aligned and so, causes the pressure that in turn cause you pain.

Likewise if you find yourself sleeping on your stomach, your head will naturally turn to one side and so this means that your body is actually going to be in a twisted position all through the long hours of the night. Shocked right? Yea I know, so you see why you’ll always wake up with a sore neck?

You may say, hey, I thought the neck is built to rotate from side to side? Yes you’re right but it’s not designed to stay in a particular position for hours. So if you decide to sleep on your side, its fine; just make sure you use a pillow that doesn’t push your head high up but rather in-line with your shoulder. If you also choose to sleep on your back, please sleep with one thin pillow, that way your neck and spine are nicely straight and there won’t be any pressure.



  1. Your Television

So I’m not going to say Watching Tv is a bad habit but where the problem lies is how you’re watching it. I see most of my family and friends watch the Tv – hung up on the wall, relaxed on their sofa with their legs up on the mini table in the parlor and their NECK up too while watching their favorite drama series.

To them they are enjoying their leisure and of course relaxing, little do they know that they are actually inviting problem to themselves. Please if you are in the category that does this; desist from doing so, as this act is strenuous for your neck and head. Many people make this mistake, not knowing that the position you are at any point in time affects your body and health in either a positive or negative way.

There’s just one way out of this. The manufacturers of TV sets made stands for a purpose and that is to place the TV set on its stand that way the TV is at eye level and anyone sitting is watching the Tv comfortably without his/her head looking upwards. This helps you avoid straining your head and neck and prevent you from any form of eye trouble, muscle tension and even headaches.

  1. How you carry your Bags, Suitcases, etc

This is one major way you develop aches and pains on your neck as well as your shoulders that many people are guilty of. Funny enough, people trivialize this.

Do you know that carrying your bag-pack on one shoulder for a long time whilst on your way to school or work; or even holding your suitcase in one hand  for a while during your long walk is a huge cause of the pains on your neck? Surprised right? I know..

So let’s see how it works. Since all the weight of your bag-pack is on one shoulder, this means its automatically on just one part of your body, this can actually throw your muscles and of course, your posture off balance – this is also the reason you see some people walking with one shoulder a bit higher than the other and a bent posture.

Lest I forget, carrying your bags that way can also make your muscles stiff too. In other to avoid this or solve the problem, please reduce the weight of things you carry in your bag and switch up the side you carry it say, every 10mins. That way you will help your body, balance out the way it carries the weight, hence relieving it of any tension already built up in your muscles and also solving the problem of bad posture generally

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