Amazing Physiotherapy Named Best Physiotherapy Service Provider in Nigeria in 2023

First Time Nominee, First Time Winner 2023

July 19, 2023

Amazing Physiotherapy has been named the best Physiotherapy Service Provider in Nigeria. We are the first time nominee and first time winner of this award! The Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards is an initiative of Global Health Project and Resources in partnership with Anadach group.

The award is designed to celebrate distinguished personalities and organizations who have contributed immensely to the growth of the Nigerian health sector.

The Award focused on elevated performance, the creation of new business models, recognizing and embracing new trends, market leadership and inspirational performance, and excellent service delivery.It is safe to say Amazing Physiotherapy has achieved all of the above.

Amazing Physiotherapy has, since its inception, been committed topursuing and achieving its goal of helping to ease people of their aches and pains, and returning to doing the activities they love.

The company achieves this without the use of pain killers, injections or surgery but through hands on one-on-one treatment by our expert physiotherapists. Amazing Physiotherapy’s diverse team of passionate and caring PTs (Physiotherapists) and Administrative Staff are the secret sauce of the company: each talented team member strives to not only help their individual patients reach their personal goals, but also to uplift and support one another.

They share a common goal to provide top-quality care, because they understand the importance of their work.

Physical therapy has been proven to be an important branch of the healthcare world. Research has shown that using physical therapy as a first management strategy actually resulted in 72% fewer costs within the first year.

It is also a more holistic option for treatment, allowing many patients to choose physical therapy before resulting to medications that may have unpleasant side effects or may not be needed at all.Additionally, the patients who received physical therapy first were less likely to receive surgery and injections, and they made fewer specialists and emergency department visits within a year of primary consultation.

AmazingPhysiotherapy serves as a beacon of hope for people of all ages experiencing chronic pain and/or loss of physical and mobile activity— little wonder our motto is centered on helping people“become active and pain free again.”



Amazing physiotherapy has been in the business of helping patients stay active, pain free and return to doing activities they love, since 2017.Founded by Dr Nnamdi Eze, this practice has, over 5 years, given growth opportunities to a number of therapists, donated thousands in time and money to the community, and helped over 1,000 people become active and pain free.

In May 2023, Amazing Physiotherapy was nominated for the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 as theBest Physiotherapy Service Providerin Nigeria under theHealthcare Delivery Services category and Physiotherapy Service Provider of the Year subcategory.

Voting commenced after the nomination period, and on Friday, 23rd June 2023, Amazing Physiotherapy was announced as the Best Physiotherapy Service Provider in Nigeria at the award ceremonyheld at the Convention Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

With a host of 5 star reviews and satisfactory feedbacks from clients on our website and social media handles, the patient is the most important part of the puzzle. The list of 7+ clinics spread throughout Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt offers a local option for nearly any patient.

Amazing Physiotherapy wants to make it as easy as possible for anyone to enter a clinic and start on their journey towards better health whileofferingHome Services to patients who might not be able to come to the clinic. We also have anInpatient Rehabilitation Center which specializes in spinal, neurological, cardiac and post-traumatic cases and especially for someone who is recovering from major orthopedic surgeries, spine (back and neck) surgeries, brain surgeries or spinal cord injury, either in Nigeria or Abroad.

With future plans to continue expanding, Amazing Physiotherapy continues to strive to be an accessible option for anyone in need of treatment, whether it’s a seasoned athlete or a regular person looking to gain more mobility. Amazing Physiotherapy continues on their mission to help people get back to living the life they deserve, which means,a life free from painkillers, where you don’t have to worry about bothering the medical doctor, and can do and enjoy life without the fear of pain holding you back.


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