Struggling with lower back pain problems and finding out it’s getting worse as harmattan sets in?

As the colder months arrive, we know it becomes more difficult to keep up with your exercise routine; hence, aches and pains feel like they worsen. Well, that’s because they actually do!

Lower back pain is a very common problem for people especially those over 50, and we understand how painful simple tasks like getting up from the sofa can be.

Going forward in this blog, you’ll know:

  • the most common causes of lower back pain
  • why your back pain gets worse in the cold seasons;
  • 4 painkiller-free remedies to lower back pain in harmattan
  • And how physiotherapy can help you get rid of lower back pain for good

The Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, but the most common issues begin with:

  • Pulled Muscles: This often happen due to strain or force. For example, lifting very heavy shopping bags. In this case, you would have overstretched the muscles in your lower back and then you feel a sharp pain as though you’ve been stabbed and cramping follows after several hours.
  • Lack Of Exercise: is another common cause, as inactivity weakens your back muscles. When you eventually move around, they begin to ache and become increasingly more painful

Why Your Lower Back Pain Gets Worse In Harmattan Season

You might notice your lower back pain becomes worse as the harmattan season sets in. This is because of the drop in temperature around this time of the year. As a result, our bodies have to work a bit harder in other to stay warm.

When exposed to cold, our muscles naturally tend to become tighter and this can cause aches and pains to increase.

4 Painkiller-Free Remedies To Lower Back Pain In Harmattan

Consciously Maintain a Good Posture

A really easy way to prevent your back pain is to continuously and consciously correct your posture throughout the day.

Always align your hips, neck and shoulders as this can really take unnecessary pressure off your lower back when sitting on the sofa or at a desk.

Heat and Cold Therapy

If your lower back pain is caused by a pulled muscle, you can use heat and cold therapies simultaneously to soothe and eliminate your pain.

First, apply an ice pack to the painful area for 15-20 minutes. What this does is to create a ‘numbing’ effect. Wait for a while until the swelling goes down and then replace the ice pack with a heat pack. This alternation helps improve muscle movement and blood flow.

Also, If you suffer with chronic lower back pain that has lasted 4 weeks or more, try to apply constant low-level heat to the affected area.

You could do this by simply, wrapping a hot water bottle around your waist whilst you’re sitting on the sofa or by using heat patches if you’re out and about. Please make sure to use the level of heat your body can tolerate.

Gentle Physical Activities

Gentle physical activity is a fantastic way to not only ease your back pain but keep up your general fitness too!

Basic exercises like walking and low-impact aerobics are fantastic for strengthening the muscles in your lower back. These activities are also great to speed up the healing process and prevent future injury.

Building Therapies into Your Routine

We know you may be struggling to stick to your routine as the weather turns colder. However, building these therapies into your daily routine helps you manage your lower back pain.

A great start is to make sure you have supplies near you all the time. For example, carry small heat patches with you in your pocket/handbag; leave some by your bed side in case you wake up first thing in the morning with a stiff back.

Always try to make time to do some physical activities during your day such as going for a short walk after your breakfast, doing some gentle stretches when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

How Physiotherapy Can Help You Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain For Good

If your back pain has been getting worse and you want to cure your back pain rather than simply managing it, then physiotherapy could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here at Amazing Physiotherapy, our team have worked with hundreds of patients suffering with lower back pain just like you and can get you moving normally again as well as live a pain-free life.

During your treatment, our friendly physiotherapists can significantly improve your mobility, the function of your joints and help you cure lower back pain without painkillers, injections or surgery.

To arrange your free back pain assessment where you can speak to a member of our team, ask any questions that you have, and find out the best treatment options for you, kindly fill out our simple web form via  or if you prefer to talk over the telephone, you can call us on 07026750637, 07065135971